EDM Retrofit Controllers for milling and drilling machines. 

SETSA modules are the most cost-effective solution to bring to life out of order EDMs.

We sell worldwide from Australia and Mexico.

Introducing the new EDM

Make it yours easily

We are very flexible and always open to provide custom plans for every client.


Real solutions to the metal-mechanics industries

Just a few examples of actual solutions we have provided to our customers during all these years...

Excellent option when it comes to machining huge pieces 

We provide all the support to retrofitting your milling or drilling machine, ether by walking you through the installation process or by doing us the whole setup for you, as you prefer.

Mastering the EDM discipline 

SETA produces light-weight, yet powerful EDM controllers with high degree of precision and adaptability

Have broken EDM's?

No problem, let's put them back to work. Okay to install on EDM's with any hydraulic or servo-motor ram.

EDM brand new like

Our EDM Modules include all the settings required to obtain excellent machining speed and finishing.

Available in 10, 20, 35 and 50 Amps with 1 year warranty optionally extended to 2 years

Our Modules are ideal for plastic injection moulding, diesets, jewellery and any application impossible to accomplish with conventional machining.

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